Southern region of Kazakhstan
  • Area unexplored because of Kazakhstan Government protection
  • The Syr-Darya Basin was a former Soviet Military restricted area 
  • Except for one deep test well drilled in 2002, the Basin has not been explored for hydrocarbons
  • The Soviet Union drilled a number of stratigraphic tests which were not drilled on structure

Surrounding area contains large deposits of Oil & Gas

The area is rich with extensive reserves of valuable Oil & Gas resources, representing a promising opportunity for exploration and extraction. 

The 22,000 sq km Ayrs concession, owned by Darby Energy in southern Kazakhstan, significant potential lies for discovering billions of barrels of oil (BBO) equivalent hydrocarbons.

Shared Structural History

Many basins formed on the regional Turan Platform. All of these basins have the same structural history.

Abundant Reserves

All of the basins surrounding the Syr-Darya Basin have giant reserves of oil and/or gas

  • Turgay Basin
  • Chu-Sarysu Basin
  • Amu-Darya Basin
  • Fergana Basin
  • Afgan-Tajik Basin 
22,000 square Km / the Ayrs concession

Surrounded by three world-class oil and gas basins sharing its geological history, the basin offers a unique opportunity due to limited prior exploration. High potential and favorable conditions make it a promising untapped resource.

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  • An area of 22,000 sq km (5.5 million acre) concession in Kazakhstan, a progressive central Asian democracy
  • Concession has major transportation and commercialization infrastructure already in place
  • Located in Southern Kazakhstan in the Syrdarya Basin, the Concession is surrounded by five commercially productive basins with reserves of 30 billion bbls of oil
  • 2-D seismic evaluation has revealed over 30 structural anomalies within the Concession indicating the presence of oil and/or gas reservoir traps
  • Drilled the first well to the target depth of 2.5 km (8,200’) in November 2009
  • Syrdarya Basin confirmed to be geologically analogous to surrounding commercially
    productive basins by drilling data obtained from first well
  • Preliminary estimates are 610 million bbls of recoverable oil, and 6.5 trillion cubic feet of natural gas from seismic evaluation and drilling operations

The Concession is a large, contiguous tract of land that was virtually unexplored by the private sector before Turan acquired the license in 2005. Limited governmental exploration, much of which was led by Darby’s SVP of Geology Professor Davydov, was initiated in the 1960s and continued modestly until the early 1990s. The Company’s Concession is laden with transportation and oil and gas commercialization infrastructure. Asphalt and unpaved roads exist in the areas that are expected to produce oil and gas. Much of the topography of the Concession is relatively flat plains, similar to those found in Texas. There are railroads that connect the Concession to the region’s oil refinery at Shymkent. The Concession is in close proximity to two oil pipelines and two gas pipelines. Notably, the Kazakh segment of the Central Asian-China pipeline was recently built to export natural gas to China by KazMunaiGas of Kazakhstan and China National Petroleum. China invested over $2 billion in the pipeline. By 2013 when the 6,500-km pipeline is fully constructed, it is expected to ship 1 TCF of gas to China annually.

The Arys Concession sits within an underexplored basin, bordered by three prominent oil and gas basins. It is surrounded by three world class oil and gas producing basins, each with the same geological history as the Syr-Darya Basin. Production has not been established in the basin only because out of the four basins in the region, it is the only one where very little petroleum exploration has taken place. The basin is probably the most under-explored in the world with that high of potential.
DAN SEAMOUNT Jr. Professional Biography
Dan Seamount Jr.
Petroleum Geologist